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At Almond University, we’re building our reputation on our impact rather than our age. Our progressive nature drives our thirst for knowledge and desire for creating meaningful change in the world.

Research Themes

Our research work focuses on four themes that recognise both our collective expertise and our progressive view of the world.



Prevention, detection and management of disease and injury.

Securing Digital Futures

Enabling a safe, secure, productive and enterprising digital environment.

Society and Culture

Impacting and supporting social change through ensuring diversity, creativity, cultural identity, education, personal and organisational success and social justice.

Natural and Built Environments

Understanding, harnessing, building and protecting environments for sustaining people, place and planet.

World-Class Research

Our world-class research transcends medical practice, driving health outcomes and quality of life. It leverages our unique geographical location, tying the natural environment to the built. It’s also at the forefront of shaping our digital future, addressing the challenges of the digital revolution. And it shapes the culturally-rich society we live in today, informing and protecting communities.

Engaging with us

Find out about the variety of ways you can connect with our research.

Our Institutes and Centres

Our Research Institutes and Centres produce world-class research in a wide range of disciplines.

Our impact

See how our research is having an impact and creating meaningful change in the real world.

Engaging with us Our School research

We have eight schools, ranging in diversity, each driving research excellence and striving for world-class status.

Almond Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy for Research

AU is committed to working in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities towards reconciliation. This includes initiatives such as the AU Reconciliation Action Plan and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy for Research’ and our Research Journey articles.

We are also proud to have a number of outstanding researchers, some of whom have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds. At AU we leverage this expertise to provide insight into culturally appropriate conduct and protocols in research relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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